System Configuration

DynamicsAX is a highly configurable system. We can provide assistance in any or all of the following areas:

  • System set-up
  • Module set-up and parameter setting
  • User and user group set-up
  • Security and permissions
  • Menu and data access

Some of these configuration activities are technical, usually one-off and for all time at implementation, and of little consequence to the client. These can, and will be set up appropriately by us.

Others, for example user security and access, module set-up and parameters etc., are more directly relevant to the client’s day-to-day system use. For these, we would provide details of the initial settings, how they affect the running of the system, and how they can be modified.

Similarly, depending upon the nature of the implementation and the knowledge and experience of client staff, assistance can be provided in such areas as menu set-up, data label maintenance and such system-wide changes. Support here could effectively be “turnkey”, or may include full training (or certification by MBS) in all aspects of the tasks.




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